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After beginning my dental practice we faced some of the common headaches and issues with running an office and a practice. Vickie was the “missing piece and glue” needed to pull together all the different cogs and get the wheel running smoothly and efficiently. She worked and adapted to our office needs to give us the solutions to accomplish our mission:

Excellent patient care and a comfortable work environment for our employees.

Thank You Vickie!

Dr. Kara Henderson-Jeffries

 Warrenton, North Carolina

Working with Vickie was one of the best practice decisions I made. She cares about the success of her clients and takes on an ownership mentality. When we found embezzlement occurring by my office manager, I hired Vickie full time as my practice administrator to restore my practice financially. With her skill sets and guidance, my practice became financially sound again allowing me to sell my practice of 17 years to begin the next chapter of my professional career. During the practice sale, Vickie was instrumental in assuring we experienced a smooth transition with my team of advisers.

I am now loving dentistry in St. Croix!

Dr. Lynette Crocker

Durham, NC

Business Philosophy

  Our success is defined by Your success.  Whether you are starting a dental practice, navigating a practice acquisition or looking to enhance your current practice systems, your project is like a jigsaw puzzle, each one is different and unique.  As we all have experienced, putting a puzzle together requires foresight, commitment, continuous effort and patience. These are all virtues we offer to our clients.  Our commitment to you is to develop the best solutions that fit your individual needs and budget.

  Dental Project Solutions is the missing piece you have been searching for to guide you through completion of your project. We all have felt that extremely satisfying feeling when that last piece of the puzzle fits in place and the picture is now complete.  Our goal is to bring that feeling of satisfaction to our clients on each and every project completion with the intent of exceeding their expectations with affordable consulting services and solutions.

With the knowledge and experience of Dental Project Solutions, you can now manage all of your practice project needs in a timely manner with confidence! We offer Buyer Representation, Due Diligence Services, along with the Change of Ownership for Dental practice transitions. Should you be deciding on a Start-Up practice our team of advisers can assist you with the development of your timeline and provide extensive checklists and necessary systems to assure you are ready for your Opening Day. Dental Project Solutions specializes in the Due Diligence and Change of Ownership services customized for your dental needs. Call us today for more information as to how we can assist you attain your practice vision.

Change of Ownership
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We welcome a phone call to learn more about our services. Dental Project Solutions is an independent contractor who works in conjunction with any and all Dental Broker's as a Buyer representative for the Due Diligence and Change of Ownership phase in a practice acquisition.